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Have You Ever Played Jacks or Better?

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By far the most widely played and popular variant of online video poker is the Jacks or better version.

In other words once you have 2 Jacks or better you will be paid.

Below are the ranking hands that players must know not only to play, but also to win at Jacks or Better.

- The Royal Flush is the highest hand achievable in this poker game online just as it is in most all poker games. The hand is suited example 10-J-Q-K-A suited.

- Straight Flush is the next ranked hand that you need to achieve in the game of jacks or better. This hand can be achieved by consecutive order of same suited cards. For instance, the 2-3-4-5-6 of hearts is a straight flush.

- 4 of a kind is achieved when the player has 4 cards of same value. For example, four kings.

- Full House is the next ranked hand in this game and it includes 3 cards of one value and 2 cards of another such as three aces and two hearts.

- Flush is achieved when the player is dealt five cards of the same suit such as five diamonds or five spades.

- Straight is dealt to the player when the cards are in numerical consecutive order without being in the same suit. For example, a 2-3-4-5-6 off suit.

- 3 of a kind is the next rank and is 3 cards of same value.

- 2 pairs is achieved when two groups of two cards are the same value. For example, two fours and two fives.

- 2 Jacks or better is achieved when jacks, queens, kings or aces are dealt and nothing else is a winning hand on the deal. This hand usually saves your bet by paying even money back to the player.

Jacks Or Better Poker Tips

1. Keep 4 cards making a straight flush

2. Keep any 3 cards making a royal flush

3. Keep any 4 cards making a flush

4. Keep 4 cards making a straight, but not an inside straight

5. Keep pairs lower then 10 inclusive

6. Keep 2 same suit high cards

7. Keep always any 3 cards leading to a straight flush

8. Keep Jack, Queen, King unsuited

9. Keep any 2 high cards not suited

10. keep the Jack, Queen or King with a same suited 10

11. Keep any 1 high card you have from Jack upwards.

12. Any other combination take 5 cards.

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